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Hi Julian,
Many thanks for your feedback!
(1) I think for new users it would be an advantage to have a XSD or DTD to easily lay out the OLAP schema by using a GUI (any popular XML editor supports some graphical helpers to easily create an XML doc). I am also talking about new users who are not familiar with Java. So having an XSD/DTD that they can easily reference in their XML editor would give them a good "guide" on how to structure the Mondrian schema. After working with XSD/DTD a few times, the user will get comfortable writing OLAP schema by hand.
(2) For seasoned users a XSD/DTD is still useful just as a quick validation.

We have always generated a DTD, but have never provided an XSD. Usually someone from the community has stepped up and created an XSD by hand. Contributions welcome!

We still generate a DTD (as lib/mondrian.dtd). I am not sure that it is correct, since I added multiple inheritance to the schema. I have loged http://jira.pentaho.com/browse/MONDRIAN-1382 for this.

(3) It might be a good idea to have a public reference to each version of the XSD/DTD. So instead of asking users to download the XSD/DTD, you can ask them to just do this:
<!DOCTYPE Schema PUBLIC "http://ci.pentaho.com/view/Analysis/job/mondrian-4.0/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/lib/mondrian.dtd" >
... I am not too sure if this a permanent location.

I have logged http://jira.pentaho.com/browse/MONDRIAN-1383.

If you are wondering why I am talking about all this ... here is the link to the blog post I am currently working on:
Mondrian 4 Blog Post

Please note that this tutorial is targeted at users not familiar with Java.
Any feedback is appreciated!

Awesome. People will love this post.

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