[Mondrian] Proposed additions to Mondrian schema syntax

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.com
Fri Jun 19 14:44:18 EDT 2009

> Eric wrote:
> One complication is that MySQL doesn't always allow it; the behavior  
> can be turned off by setting the sql_mode to 
> still looking into it, but I think I'll need to run a query 
> as part of  
> the dialect initialization to figure out the value of sql_mode.
> Of course, sql_mode can technically be changed while the 
> MySQL server  
> is running, but in this case I think we're justified in only 
> checking  
> when the dialect is first initialized.  I think it's fair to require  
> people to shut down their mondrian instance and restart if they want  
> to make that kind of change.

I agree.


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