[Mondrian] Placing Member Properties of a level on same row as the member

Matt Campbell mcampbell at pentaho.com
Wed Jan 30 08:46:27 EST 2013

Use of the dimension properties clause tells Mondrian to include the requested properties in the results of the query, but it's still up to the client to do something with them.  Some MDX clients I've looked at make the properties available as a right click option on the dimension members in the crosstab.

Your last example includes the property in a measure which is explicitly included in the cellset.

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Would love to know why this query does not return the Phone for each Customer?

select [Measures].AllMembers ON COLUMNS,
  [Customers].[Customer].Members DIMENSION PROPERTIES [Customers].Phone ON ROWS
from [SteelWheelsSales]

Nor does this....
select [Measures].AllMembers ON COLUMNS,
  {[Customers].[Customer].Members, [Customers].currentmember.properties("Phone")} ON ROWS
from [SteelWheelsSales]

but this does work...., but the member property is on the Measures axis not the axis where the Customers dim is located.....
with member Measures.Phone as '[Customers].currentmember.properties("Phone")'
select [Measures].AllMembers ON COLUMNS,
  [Customers].[Customer].Members ON ROWS
from [SteelWheelsSales]

Any insight is appreciated.
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