[Mondrian] Placing Member Properties of a level on same row as the member

Andy Grohe agrohe21 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 29 22:55:36 EST 2013

Would love to know why this query does not return the Phone for each

select [Measures].AllMembers ON COLUMNS,
  [Customers].[Customer].Members DIMENSION PROPERTIES [Customers].Phone ON
from [SteelWheelsSales]

Nor does this....
select [Measures].AllMembers ON COLUMNS,
[Customers].currentmember.properties("Phone")} ON ROWS
from [SteelWheelsSales]

but this does work...., but the member property is on the Measures axis not
the axis where the Customers dim is located.....
with member Measures.Phone as
select [Measures].AllMembers ON COLUMNS,
  [Customers].[Customer].Members ON ROWS
from [SteelWheelsSales]

Any insight is appreciated.
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