[Mondrian] RE: Eigenbase perforce change 12887 for review

Peter Tran ptran at prospricing.com
Fri Jun 19 13:02:48 EDT 2009

I haven't looked into Apache commons-primitives. Before these available, we made use of Colt libraries map features:


They made a huge difference in the GC time.  I would say yes, it was definitely worth the effort.


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By the way, we use lists of integers, maps to and from integers, maps to
doubles, all over the code, and in some performance-critical areas. Java
autoboxing makes it easy to forget that every access to these structures
involves converting a primitive type to an object, often allocating an
object for the purpose.

I've been thinking of using apache commons-primitives for these structures.
primitives/IntList.html for instance.) Anyone have any experience with these
classes? Is it worth the effort?


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