[Mondrian] Scoped solve order / Aggregate

Matt Campbell mkambol at gmail.com
Thu Jun 4 08:59:34 EDT 2009

I noticed today that Scoped solve order is broken with Aggregate().
 If mondrian.rolap.SolveOrderMode=scoped, then the following query will

with member [marital status].agg as 'Aggregate([marital status].[marital
select   crossjoin( {Gender.Gender.M}, {[marital status].[marital
status].members, [marital status].agg} )  on 0, { measures.[profit growth] }
on 1 from sales;

This throws the exception:
 mondrian.olap.fun.MondrianEvaluationException: Could not find an aggregator
in the current evaluation context

I'll look into it some more here, but I'm curious if anyone knows of recent
checkins that might be responsible.
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