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Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.com
Wed Oct 1 19:53:15 EDT 2008

I think the example had extra '\'s because it was taken from Java code
(inside java strings, " and \ need to be escaped). That's why it worked for
you to change '\\.' to '\.'.
If you had changed '\"Time\"' to '"Time"' it would probably have worked too.
It worked without Time because dimension names are optional - although I
recommend using dimension names, because it makes your code clearer and
reduces the amount of searching mondrian has to do.
I also see that you changed MMM to mmm. I'm guessing that in your dimension
months look like 'jan' rather than 'JAN'.
Thanks for letting us know what works.


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Finally got this working..

Interesting that it works without [\"Time\"]?

CurrentDateMember([Time], '[yyyy]\.[mmm]').Lag(12) :
CurrentDateMember([Time], '[yyyy]\.[mmm]')

On 10/1/08 6:16 PM, "Joshua Shaffner" <joshua.shaffner at goodwill.org> wrote:

Per a couple suggestions in IRC as well as Julian's blog (
I tried the query below but to no luck. I either get no results or internal
error. If you see something, let me know. I am stumped...after trying this
and that for a couple hours over just a couple of lines.

SELECT NON EMPTY {[Measures].[Retail Store Sales], <truncated>} ON COLUMNS,

CurrentDateMember([Time], '[\"Time\"]\\.[yyyy]\\.[MMM]').Lag(12) :
CurrentDateMember([Time], '[\"Time\"]\\.[yyyy]\\.[MMM]')

from [MRSDS]
where [Organization].[All Organizations].[<truncated>]

PS: I have Time Hierarchy with two levels, year and month.


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