[Mondrian] Drill through icon is disabled - because of coalescefunction in mdx

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.com
Fri Jul 4 13:15:58 EDT 2008

The logic is in RolapCell:
     * Returns whether it is possible to drill through this cell.
     * Drill-through is possible if the measure is a stored measure
     * and not possible for calculated measures.
     * @return true if can drill through
    public boolean canDrillThrough() {
        // get current members
        final Member[] currentMembers = getMembersForDrillThrough();
        // First member is the measure, test if it is stored measure, return
        // true if it is, false if not.
        return (currentMembers[0] instanceof RolapStoredMeasure);

    private Member[] getMembersForDrillThrough() {
        final Member[] currentMembers = result.getCellMembers(pos);
        // replace member if we're dealing with a trivial formula
        if (currentMembers[0] instanceof
RolapHierarchy.RolapCalculatedMeasure) {
            RolapHierarchy.RolapCalculatedMeasure measure = 
            if (measure.getFormula().getExpression() instanceof MemberExpr)
                currentMembers[0] = 
        return currentMembers;

We currently only allow drill through on stored measures or trivial calc
measures. We could enhance this to handle certain other expressions. For
example, [Measures].[X] + [Measures].[Y] should be drillable if X and Y come
from the same fact table.
SJ, or someone, please log an RFE for this. Contributions welcome.


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Subject: [Mondrian] Drill through icon is disabled - because of
coalescefunction in mdx

On clicking through "Drill through" icon in the mondrian tool bar in the
report page ,the drilldrown  arrow icon is not enabled.

When i delete the calculated numbers the drilldrown arrow icons are enabled.


When i created two calculated members, the icon is enabled.

But when i use coalesce statement in MDX, the arrows icons are not enabled.


The enablement of the icon is apoint to be argued based on either large
number of calculated

Members or coalesce empty function.


Thanks & Regards,

Sivagnanamoorthy j.


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