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Agustin Campos aguscampos at gmail.com
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if I am not wrong, there isn't any bug.
If you want to insert drill-down table on the exported file i would take a
look at the template file (in this case xls_mdxtable.xsl, or something like
Then, I would search the the table or the graph which will be shown, in the
case they are vissible.
Once you know HOW they are embeded, I would copy the line(s) that allow you
to show them and paste them in the place where you whant the drill-down
table to be shown.

Once you have pasted thhose lines, change them making reference to the
drill-down table. So, when it is visible, you will see it on your exported

I repeat that I am not very sure if this is the way to achive your needs,
but that's what I would do.
I'm sorry, but i can't help you more.

2008/2/20, Smruti Naik <mehtasmruti at gmail.com>:
> Hi there ,
> When I do Export To Excel From Jpivot .then I do not get Drill through
> table in Exported data , i get only hirarchy table and graph .
> Is this thing configurable or there is a bug . can you please tell me how
> to do that ?
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