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Hello all!

I've been looking for some help about Mondrian cache. 
I've found two pages, both have allmost the same: 

- http://mondrian.pentaho.org/documentation/cache_control.php

- http://julianhyde.blogspot.com/2007/02/mondrian-cache-control.html

The case is that I don't know where do you define "cacheControl" (case
sensitive) in them. It appears "CacheControl" (see the capital 'C').  

Sorry, I should have made that clearer in the examples. I'll fix the
cache_control.php doc next release.
Connection connection;
CacheControl cacheControl = connection.getCacheControl(null);

I have more problems, because my cube will be either in English or Spanish
depending on a locale variable. 

How could I use those examples to be able to delete the ENTIRE cache?
I know It would make the system work a lot, but I don't find anything more
easiest or fastest to achiefe this issue. 

CacheControl.createMeasuresRegion creates a region representing all facts in
an entire cube - I don't think there's a shorthand way to flush all cubes in
a schema.
Note that mondrian maintains a cache for each schema (URI from which it has
read a catalog file). If you have multiple schemas in your server, you may
wish to call CacheControl.flushSchemaCache(). This will allow mondrian to
forget the cache for any schemas not being actively used.
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