[Mondrian] cache

Agustin Campos aguscampos at terra.es
Mon Feb 4 11:54:22 EST 2008

Hello all!

I've been looking for some help about Mondrian cache.
I've found two pages, both have allmost the same:

- http://mondrian.pentaho.org/documentation/cache_control.php

- http://julianhyde.blogspot.com/2007/02/mondrian-cache-control.html

The case is that I don't know where do you define "cacheControl" (case
sensitive) in them. It appears "CacheControl" (see the capital 'C').

I have more problems, because my cube will be either in English or Spanish
depending on a locale variable.

How could I use those examples to be able to delete the ENTIRE cache?
I know It would make the system work a lot, but I don't find anything more
easiest or fastest to achiefe this issue.

Thank you a lot, and I am looking fordwards to hearing from you,

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