[Mondrian] Capture values on generated tables

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I've not integrated mondrian with maps (GIS) but I know some people have
done it.
Are you familiar with the work of Joel da Silva (joeldasilva at gmail.com),
who is also from Brazil? He has done some research integrating Mondrian and
GIS, and published some papers:
I don't think his work is open-source, but he should be able to tell you
If you're on this list, please give us an update of what you've achieved
with mondrian and GIS!


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I'm using in a prototype Mondrian/Jpivot and they are being really useful to
Now I have a question.
 I use maps in my aplication. I want integrate OLAP and my maps.
How? I want render my maps respecting values at my OLAP. For example, if the
hierarchy showed in OLAP is country, I'll show a country map. If the
hierarchy is states, my map will show a value for each state.
For that, I need to access each value in each cell, and know what row and
what colomn is the value. The, when I will paint my map, I can link map and
p.s.: Excuse-me my terrible english. Believe in me, my French is worst.

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