[Mondrian] Mondrian Tests hang on Rhel-7.2

Yugandha Deshpande yugandha at us.ibm.com
Mon Nov 14 04:22:49 EST 2016


I have not setup any alternate database. I want to use embedded db for
running the test suite.
Can anyone please guide me in that?
I have done:
$  cp mondrian.properties.templates mondrian.properties

Thanks & Regards,

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The lagunitas branch (4.6) is very unforgiving if you have an error in the
setup of the underlying database. We need to fix this.

The problem is that the test suite does not print errors until the very
end. Behind the scenes each test case generates an error stack, and that
error stack uses up memory, and the test suite hangs due to lack of memory,
never gets to finish, so never gets to print out the error stacks that
would give you a clue how to fix the problem.

To solve it, we should obsolete the mondrian.test.Main class (which buffers
test output until the end) and run the tests directly using
maven-surefire-plugin. And we need to run the tests by default on an
embedded hsqldb instance. With those two changes, anyone will be able to
download, build, and test using just

$ git clone …
$ cd mondrian
$ mvn install

Upgrading to junit 4 would also be good.

There are a few test failures (maybe 25 out of 3,000) but I don’t believe
any of them is a serious issue, and in fact most are simple bit-rot.


      On Nov 11, 2016, at 1:00 AM, Yugandha Deshpande <yugandha at us.ibm.com>


      The line I am interested to build is the latest stable branch, so I
      picked up tag from github.
      I tried building it using "mvn -DrunITs install" , but the test cases
      I also tried it with simple "mvn install", but it gives same issue.
      I have attached a detailed log as well.

      Thanks & Regards,

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