[Mondrian] <join>,<Query> and <view> for snowflake schemas

Selina Tech swucareer99 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 18 19:32:49 EDT 2016

Dear All:

    When I study the Mondrian schema. I think we have three different ways
for the Dimension of snowflake schema.

Way 1:  Use <Join> as the example at

Way 2: Use <Query> to define a ‘table’, and use this ‘table’ for Dimension

Way 3. Use <View>  to define a view ‘table’ by <SQL> and use this ‘table’
for Dimension table

     Is any one of them wrong? if they are right, how could I choose one of
them? How is the different on performance?  when we use <view>, is this
<view> will generated in memory, disk or database? what happen if the
result of view is huge on size?

Your any help is highly appreciated.

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