[Mondrian] Mondrian 4, Pentaho 6 CE, Saiko

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Thanks for comments so far (and the offer Tom).
So, as it stands currently my choices appear to use BI Server 6 CE with Mondrian 3.11 (with Saiku too) or move down to 5.x with 4 (following the blog post mentioned previously).

I’m interested in the comment ". Pentaho 6 ships Mondrian 4 in the OSGI land” - does this mean that I can simply drop in the Mondrian 4 libs into BI Server lib directory?


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For Pentaho 5.x I did the CM4 plugin which sorta worked for a while. Pentaho 6 ships Mondrian 4 in the OSGI land, if someone has the time, or wants to sponsor an investigation into exposing that library to Saiku, we'll be able to hook up to it with little difficulty, just depends how easy it is to access.



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On 6 April 2016 at 08:27, Dan Keeley <dan at dankeeley.co.uk<mailto:dan at dankeeley.co.uk>> wrote:

This is a good question, unfortunately there's no easy answer. I suggest posting it on the Pentaho community mailing list though, you may get more traction.

Essentially Pentaho just haven't got the guts (or confidence in their test team) to move to Mondrian 4 - everything they've done recently shows no commitment to it.  Even to the point where new features are still going into Mondrian3.  I spoke to the head of dev about it a few years ago and he just said why do you want mondrian 4? he couldnt see why I was asking.

But more often than not they do surprise us.  So I could be wrong :)

On Tue, 5 Apr 2016 16:30:50 +0000, Conrad Crampton <conrad.crampton at SecData.com<mailto:conrad.crampton at SecData.com>> wrote:

I’ve read the blog post [1] by Will Gorman which discusses Mondrian 4 installation into Pentaho 5.1, but this is from June 2014. I am looking for something a bit more recent that points in the direction of using the latest Pentaho 6 CE with Mondrian 4 (and preferably with Saiku).
I have the Mondrian in Action book which is based on Mondrian 4 so coming to this a new it makes sense (to me) to start on v4, but I am a little frustrated by Pentaho CE only having Mondrian v3.11 with it. I haven’t tried it (so that may just be the answer) but will the instructions in [1] get me to where I want to be with Mondrian 4 and BI Server 6 CE (and will Mondrian be able to be work with all the other data sources)?
Sorry for all the questions, just trying to get started from a new installation with little knowledge.
[1] http://www.willgorman.com/?p=58

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