[Mondrian] Making Pre-aggregated Tables Work

Tom Barber tom at analytical-labs.com
Fri Apr 1 08:04:42 EDT 2016

I'll extend this post slightly to add:

We've enabled aggregates in mondrian.properties, and we added a Aggregate
only measure and using that one forced the use of the aggregate table, so
the aggregates are being parsed.


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On 1 April 2016 at 12:59, Amit Shah <amits.84 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> I have been using Mondrian 4 with Saiku as an OLAP engine. Mondrian is
> integrated with apache phoenix (version 4.6) as the data source that used
> apache hbase as the data store. In order to speed up the queries I am
> trying to make pre-aggregated tables work but for some reason the actual
> fact table is getting queried. Here's how the mondrian schema definition
> looks like - http://pastebin.com/xquutKYX.
> The database schema for the dimension, facts and the pre-aggregated table
> is shared here - http://pastebin.com/EWhyNLTJ
> Selecting the total sales measure and the agent id as a row in the saiku
> builds up a query and tries to execute it on the facts table instead of the
> pre-aggregated table. The query from the sql logs is
> DEBUG [mondrian.sql] 850: Segment.load: executing sql [select
> "AGENTS"."A_ID" as "c0", sum("TRANSACTIONS"."TOTAL_SALES") as "m0" from
> What could be missing in order to make the OLAP engine to use the
> AG_TER_PRO (pre-aggregated table)?
> Thanks,
> Amit.
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