[Mondrian] Agg Tables and SQL filtering

Ricardo Fradinho ricardo.fradinho at webdetails.pt
Tue Sep 1 14:26:28 EDT 2015

Mondrian allows defining a ³where² clause to filter the fact table:

<Table name=³sales²>
<SQL> region=³EMEA² </SQL>

This allows us to solve unusual row level security requirements, flatten N:M
relations, remove bad data, etc.

But Agg tables do not support this feature, and if we have some dynamic
filter on the fact table, we¹d also need the respective dynamic filter on
the Agg tables.

I understand that Agg tables expect the data to be fully aggregated at the
lowest level and having dynamic filters could break this requirement, e.g,
region in (³EMEA², ³APAC")
But it would be responsibility of the data designer to don¹t use Agg tables,
or implement a workaround.

Is there any reason this is not / cannot be implemented ?

Thanks in advance.
Ricardo Fradinho.

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