[Mondrian] Mondrian 4 - Unsupported properties?

Ingo Klose Ingo.Klose at incuda.com
Thu May 21 15:02:14 EDT 2015

Hi guys,

we found the line in the source code, that breaks the XMLA call.


  public NamedList<Property> getProperties() {
        return getProperties(true);

Apparently in Mondrian 3.x  This call was made in a different class and passed false instead of true as parameter.


public List<org.olap4j.metadata.Property> getLevelProperties(Level level) {
        MondrianOlap4jLevel olap4jLevel = (MondrianOlap4jLevel) level;
        return olap4jLevel.getProperties(false);

We tested changing the parameter to false and the XMLAConnector works like a charm.

But now we are wondering, what could we have broken with this change and secondly can we either get this change back in the official code or what could be a different solution (Mondrian.properties?)

Best regards,

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Hello all,

We are trying to get the XMLAconnect Excel plugin to work with Mondrian 4. Unfortunately the MDX-queries seem to be incompatible to Mondrian 4, due to the use of some Member attributes. For example in the foodmart sales cube, it creates an MDX like this:

SELECT NON EMPTY Hierarchize(AddCalculatedMembers({DrilldownLevel({[Store].[Store Size in SQFT].[All Store Size in SQFTs]})})) DIMENSION PROPERTIES PARENT_UNIQUE_NAME,[Store].[Store Size in SQFT].[Store Sqft].[CATALOG_NAME],[Store].[Store Size in SQFT].[Store Sqft].[SCHEMA_NAME],[Store].[Store Size in SQFT].[Store Sqft].[CUBE_NAME],[Store].[Store Size in SQFT].[Store Sqft].[DIMENSION_UNIQUE_NAME],[Store].[Store Size in SQFT].[Store Sqft].[HIERARCHY_UNIQUE_NAME],[Store].[Store Size in SQFT].[Store Sqft].[LEVEL_UNIQUE_NAME],[Store].[Store Size in SQFT].[Store Sqft].[LEVEL_NUMBER],[Store].[Store Size in SQFT].[Store Sqft].[MEMBER_ORDINAL],[Store].[Store Size in SQFT].[Store Sqft].[MEMBER_NAME],[Store].[Store Size in SQFT].[Store Sqft].[MEMBER_UNIQUE_NAME],[Store].[Store Size in SQFT].[Store Sqft].[MEMBER_TYPE],[Store].[Store Size in SQFT].[Store Sqft].[MEMBER_GUID],[Store].[Store Size in SQFT].[Store Sqft].[MEMBER_CAPTION],[Store].[Store Size in SQFT].[Store Sqft].[CHILDREN_CARDINALITY],[Store].[Store Size in SQFT].[Store Sqft].[PARENT_LEVEL],[Store].[Store Size in SQFT].[Store Sqft].[PARENT_UNIQUE_NAME],[Store].[Store Size in SQFT].[Store Sqft].[PARENT_COUNT],[Store].[Store Size in SQFT].[Store Sqft].[DESCRIPTION],[Store].[Store Size in SQFT].[Store Sqft].[IS_PLACEHOLDERMEMBER],[Store].[Store Size in SQFT].[Store Sqft].[IS_DATAMEMBER],[Store].[Store Size in SQFT].[Store Sqft].[DISPLAY_INFO],[Store].[Store Size in SQFT].[Store Sqft].[VALUE],[Store].[Store Size in SQFT].[Store Sqft].[$member_scope],[Store].[Store Size in SQFT].[Store Sqft].[$scenario],[Store].[Store Size in SQFT].[Store Sqft].[CELL_FORMATTER],[Store].[Store Size in SQFT].[Store Sqft].[CELL_FORMATTER_SCRIPT],[Store].[Store Size in SQFT].[Store Sqft].[CELL_FORMATTER_SCRIPT_LANGUAGE],[Store].[Store Size in SQFT].[Store Sqft].[DISPLAY_FOLDER],[Store].[Store Size in SQFT].[Store Sqft].[FORMAT_EXP],[Store].[Store Size in SQFT].[Store Sqft].[KEY] ON COLUMNS  FROM [HR] CELL PROPERTIES VALUE, FORMAT_STRING, LANGUAGE, BACK_COLOR, FORE_COLOR, FONT_FLAGS

These are the four properties that break the query:

Store].[Store Size in SQFT].[Store Sqft].[IS_PLACEHOLDERMEMBER] [Store].[Store Size in SQFT].[Store Sqft].[IS_DATAMEMBER] [Store].[Store Size in SQFT].[Store Sqft].[$member_scope] [Store].[Store Size in SQFT].[Store Sqft].[$scenario]

According to this commit on git (https://github.com/pentaho/mondrian/commit/a2e4d05cac249c397cc08770c2daf110cab4a117) at least the first two properties are mentioned in the source code, although they are in a "missing properties" list.

Are those properties not supported in Mondrian 4 and is there a way to prevent the query from running into an error?

Any hints and pointers would be welcome.

Many thanks,

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