[Mondrian] Problem Using Dimension Twice

Julian Hyde julianhyde at gmail.com
Tue May 5 13:55:37 EDT 2015

On May 5, 2015, at 6:22 AM, Isaias Sanchez <isaias.sanchez.l at gmail.com> wrote:

>     {[Time].[Year by Weeks].[2015].[2015-05-04].[2015-05-05]}
> SET [~ROWS_Destination Info] AS
>     {[Destination Info - Client].[Destination Info].[Destination].Members}
> SET [~ROWS_Destination Info] AS
>     {[Destination Info - Internal].[Destination Info].[ABKHAZIA]}
> NON EMPTY {[Measures].[Calls]} ON COLUMNS,
> NON EMPTY NonEmptyCrossJoin([~ROWS_Destination Info], [~ROWS_Destination 
> Info]) ON ROWS
> FROM [Traffic Management]

I think Saiku has generated a bad query. It is illegal to have two sets with the same name.

Can you log a bug on Mondrian - it should give an error if set names are not distinct.

Then Mondrian resolves

> NonEmptyCrossJoin([~ROWS_Destination Info], [~ROWS_Destination Info])

and of course it has asking to combine two sets of the same dimensionality.

So the main bug, I think, is in Saiku; it should generate set names based on the use of the dimension (e.g. “~ROWS_Destination Info - Internal”) rather than the shared dimension.


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