[Mondrian] aggregate tables, collapsed dimensions, and ordinal column

Wright, Jeff jeff.s.wright at truvenhealth.com
Tue Jun 16 11:49:18 EDT 2015

In our application, we've been using aggregate tables based on collapsing dimensions. Due to our data model, it's hard for us to get benefit from the "lost dimension" approach to aggregation.

We're seeing some really poor SQL when we have a separate column defining the ordinal for a dimension. What we're seeing is SQL that joins the aggregate table to the original dimension table *on the dimension value*, to bring in the ordinal.

We had hoped there might be an easy fix, to also collapse the ordinal column into the aggregate table, but that doesn't seem to work.

Does this ring any bells with anybody? In JIRA I found http://jira.pentaho.com/browse/MONDRIAN-663, but I didn't trace this through to the code.

--jeff wright
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