[Mondrian] Mondrian 4 - Unsupported properties?

Ingo Klose Ingo.Klose at incuda.com
Mon Jun 1 02:53:15 EDT 2015

Hello Luc,

Thanks for the answer, but to be honest I have no direct access to nor any knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services. 

All I know is that the tool that we try to use to connect Microsoft Excel (XMLAConnect) has a problem with Mondrian 4 because this  method is implemented differently between Mondrian 3.X and Mondrian 4. At this point me and Tom are trying to figure out the reason for this change and if it is reversible or what consequences that might have.

Since we are going through Saiku as the "Server" we have another level in which we might be able to handle the problem, but it would be good to understand it better, especially from the Mondrian point of view.

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I'm not sure that the solution is without consequences. According to the javadocs of the XmlaExtra interface:


         * Returns the defined properties of a level. (Not including system

         * properties that every level has.)


         * @param level Level

         * @return Defined properties


        List<Property> getLevelProperties(Level level);

Have you tried similar calls on Microsoft Sql Server Analysis Services? We shold compare their implementation with ours.

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