[Mondrian] Schema Problem I can't see

Matt Campbell mcampbell at pentaho.com
Thu Jul 23 09:08:56 EDT 2015

Looks like your hierarchies are set with 'hasAll=false', which means the default member (the first member of the first level in this case) will be pulled into context for each (if not explicitly set in the axes expressions).  Try flipping that to true.

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I have two versions of same schema for Mondrian4, and both of then are having same issue. After a simple query they don't display anything on Saiku 3.3.

The MDX query is:

     {[Time].[Month by Hour].[Month].Members} SELECT NON EMPTY {[Measures].[Calls]} ON COLUMNS, NON EMPTY [~ROWS] ON ROWS FROM [Sender/Receiver Reports]

Also attaching part of database logs regarding this Schema and Query.

Seems that Mondrian is using first element of each dimension ('2014-09-01' for Time, 'Afghanistan' for Country and 'AIRTEL' for
Operator) and making a join with these data, and that join is not returning anything then It doesn't evaluate anything else.

Help me understand if something is wrong on the schema or how to solve this problem.


Isaias Sanchez

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