[Mondrian] Mondrian build spring(ish) cleaning

Luc Boudreau lucboudreau at gmail.com
Mon Jul 13 11:49:46 EDT 2015

Hello devs,

We've been busy cleaning up the build scripts for Mondrian lately and we'd
need your help to test a thing or two before we deploy these changes at

We have created a branch where the changes are found.


There are a lot of changes and they greatly simplify how mondrian is built
and tested.

 - The 'help' target tells people everything they need to know. Just run
'ant' and read.

 -  There is no need to configure JDK paths anymore. The build will use
whatever is in the OS path. We use the same settings as subfloor, and for
now it requires Java 7.

 -  There is no need to create a mondrian.properties file anymore (but it
still works). Command line parameters can be used. (see ant help)

 - The old FoodMart DBs are gone. Derby and Access are no more. Only the
generic SQL scripts used by 'load-foodmart' remain.

 - The build will happen in ${base.dir}/build, whereas it used to be in
${base.dir}/bin. This was done because mondrian already has stuff in bin
and it caused a lot of build problems to clean it properly without deleting
needed stuff.

 - Jacoco and Sonar metrics are enabled. You will not be able to publish to
sonar from a local machine, but running 'jacoco' and looking at the
coverage stats does work fine.

 - Targets related to building a WAR archive are gone. We removed support
for WAR archives a while back, but never got around to cleaning up
everything; it is now done.

 Here's a quick cheat sheet to help us test these changes.

     # Clone the repo locally
     $ git clone https://github.com/lucboudreau/mondrian.git

     # Go to the folder
     cd mondrian

     # Switch to the branch to test
     $ git checkout jdkcleanup

     # Get some help
     ant help

     # Run the tests
     ant -Dmondrian.foodmart.jdbcURL="jdbc:mysql://localhost/foodmart" \
         -Dmondrian.foodmart.jdbcUser=foodmart \
         -Dmondrian.foodmart.jdbcPassword=foodmart \
         -Dmondrian.jdbcDrivers=com.mysql.jdbc.Driver \
         clean-deep test

If your tests do uncover some issues, please share as much details as
possible, especially regarding your environment, like ant version, logs,
JDK versions, OS and such.

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