[Mondrian] IgnoreUnrelatedDimensions clarification

Matt Campbell mcampbell at pentaho.com
Thu Jul 9 14:03:45 EDT 2015

ignoreUnrelatedDimensions is still not completely reliable—wrapping measures in ValidMeasure is the safer option.  It was put in as an experimental feature but never fully solidified.  I’d love to see it completed.  SSAS treats that (sensibly) as the default behavior.

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Hi guys

This might be me, it might be a bug in M4 but I thought i'd check first.

I have a question from a user about ignoreUnrelatedDimension=true on measure groups so I played around with it and wasn't sure what the expected outcome is.

2 Fact tables(fact_1, fact_2) each have 1 measure, 6 Dimensions 1-6 all join on Fact 1 but only 1-3 join on Fact 2.

As expected you put dim 1 on rows and dim 2 on columns and measure 1 and measure 2 on an axis and you get a nice crosstab, if I put Dim 4 on instead of one of the dims, measure 2 vanishes.


But if I put All from Dim 4 on an Axis I get the rollup, I assume because of ignoreunrelateddimensions.


So with Ignore Unrelated don't you get the rolled up All value if you put a level on the axis?


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