[Mondrian] IgnoreUnrelatedDimensions clarification

Tom Barber tom at analytical-labs.com
Thu Jul 9 08:59:55 EDT 2015

Hi guys

This might be me, it might be a bug in M4 but I thought i'd check first.

I have a question from a user about ignoreUnrelatedDimension=true on
measure groups so I played around with it and wasn't sure what the expected
outcome is.

2 Fact tables(fact_1, fact_2) each have 1 measure, 6 Dimensions 1-6 all
join on Fact 1 but only 1-3 join on Fact 2.

As expected you put dim 1 on rows and dim 2 on columns and measure 1 and
measure 2 on an axis and you get a nice crosstab, if I put Dim 4 on instead
of one of the dims, measure 2 vanishes.


But if I put All from Dim 4 on an Axis I get the rollup, I assume because
of ignoreunrelateddimensions.


So with Ignore Unrelated don't you get the rolled up All value if you put a
level on the axis?


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