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Kleyson Rios kleyson.rios at saude.go.gov.br
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Hi Diethard,


With your comments about the children, I could realize that they had
different parent_id, when they should share the same parent_id.


I fixed my ETL and I’ll load my data again to check the result.


Thanks a lot for the help.


And about the hierarchy in CDE, is a Table Component + Jquery Treetable
plugin (http://ludo.cubicphuse.nl/jquery-treetable). I will write a post in
how to use it.


Best regards.


Kleyson Rios.



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Hi Kleyson,


So just some general thoughts/questions to this:


The results from the join indicate that there are no records for 'Relações
Interfinanceiras’ in the fact table 
 but what about its children (I guess
they are and ???) 
 are there any for them (from the
second screenshot it looks like this (if you expand the node and take
another screenshot we could see that))?


So if Empréstimos e Financiamentos really shows up with 0 in the fact table
and Relações Interfinanceiras’ children’s records ( and or whatever they are)  show up in the fact table, then it seems
to me that the result in the second screenshot is valid. But I haven’t had
my Espresso yet, so I might be completely on the wrong path ;)


BTW, which component did you use to display the hierarchy in CDE?


Best regards,



On 8 Jan 2015, at 09:46, Kleyson Rios <kleyson.rios at saude.go.gov.br> wrote:


Relações Interfinanceiras


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