[Mondrian] RES: Parent-child hierarchies

Diethard Steiner diethard.steiner at gmail.com
Thu Jan 8 05:12:00 EST 2015

Hi Kleyson,

So just some general thoughts/questions to this:

The results from the join indicate that there are no records for 'Relações Interfinanceiras’ in the fact table … but what about its children (I guess they are and ???) … are there any for them (from the second screenshot it looks like this (if you expand the node and take another screenshot we could see that))?

So if Empréstimos e Financiamentos really shows up with 0 in the fact table and Relações Interfinanceiras’ children’s records ( and or whatever they are)  show up in the fact table, then it seems to me that the result in the second screenshot is valid. But I haven’t had my Espresso yet, so I might be completely on the wrong path ;)

BTW, which component did you use to display the hierarchy in CDE?

Best regards,

> On 8 Jan 2015, at 09:46, Kleyson Rios <kleyson.rios at saude.go.gov.br> wrote:
> Relações Interfinanceiras

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