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Matt Campbell mcampbell at pentaho.com
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Regarding running tests individually, take a look at the properties mondrian.test.Name and mondrian.test.Class.  They will allow you to run tests based on a regex pattern or within a specific test class.

It’s bothersome that you’re seeing tests fail sporadically.  We had issues with tests failing occasionally several months ago and had turned up a bug or two that occurred if the cache was populated in a specific way.  It’s possible you’re seeing something similar.  Let us know if you learn any more about the failures.

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Thank you for your answer!

I ran the tests against a fresh MySql instance and 2 failed like on the CI. However, sometimes i get more fails, around 5, no idea why. Haven't figured out a pattern yet.

A few questions if anyone can help:

Is it possible to run one test at a time? Is there an ant target for that?

How can i make a release build? Place the specific version on the build.properties "project.revision" property and do "ant jar" ? Is there another way?

I wanted to publish that jar into a local nexus repository. I've seen there is a generic "maven-publish-jar" target, but still trying to figure out where to place the properties "ivy.repository.publish" and "ivy.repository.id<http://ivy.repository.id>". Should i be looking at another target for this?


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There are 2 test failures in CI<http://ci.pentaho.com/job/mondrian> right now (both runs of testDatabaseMetaDataGetDatasources), so those would be expected.  I don’t know the background on why those are failing.
The CI job runs against MySQL w/ native eval turned on and aggregates turned off.  You may see other failures with different configurations.

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I got Mondrian's source from https://github.com/pentaho/mondrian and ran the tests (ant test) on the master branch. I had a few failures,  is it to be expected? Or maybe i'm missing some part of the setup.

I used the template properties and only uncommented the derby database configuration.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

Hilario Fernandes

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