[Mondrian] Mondrian 4 MemberFormatter, how to set it in the mapping?

Tadeus Garsva tadeus.garsva at ittc.vu.lt
Tue Aug 18 03:40:19 EDT 2015

I am trying Mondrian 4 with a memberformatter but it does not seem to 
get called (object were instatiated). I pasted the mapping below. Should 
I map the MemberFormatter in a different way?

<Dimension name="Pareigybė" caption="Pareigybė" description="Pareigybė" 
table="pareigybe" key="Pareigybė" >
       <Attribute name="Pareigybė" nameColumn="prg_kodas" 
keyColumn="prg_kodas" orderByColumn="prg_kodas" captionColumn="prg_caption"
                  caption="Pareigybė" description="Pareigybė"

This dimension is shared dimension.
Please, help me to resolve this problem.

Best regards
Tadeus Garsva
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