[Mondrian] MemberFormatter problem

Tadeus Garsva tadeus.garsva at ittc.vu.lt
Thu Aug 6 07:39:27 EDT 2015


I'm using Saiku 3.1 with mondrian 4.3 schema and I need to use 
MemberFormatter for one of my attributes:

<Dimension name="Pareigybe" caption="Pareigybe" description="Pareigybe" 
table="pareigybe" key="Pareigybe" >
<Attribute name="Pareigybe" nameColumn="prg_kodas" keyColumn="prg_kodas" 
                  caption="Pareigybe"  captionColumn="prg_caption"
*<MemberFormatter className="lt.vu.mondrian.LongCaptionFormatter"> 

This attribute is in shared dimension.
When I try to maexecute some query on Cube with this dimension, nothing 
happened.  Method formatMember wasn't called.
When I refresh schema, 2 objects of class 
lt.vu.mondrian.LongCaptionFormatter were instantiated.
Could You help me. It seems that is so little and easy problem, but I 
can't resolve it.

Best regards
Tadeus Garsva

P.S. I'm very sorry for my english

Hey !
> I'm using saiku soft with a mondrian 4.0 schema and I need to manage a
> kind of snowflake schema through a ReferenceLink (and "viaDimension").
> I tried se

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