[Mondrian] difficulty installing demo

Jason Novotny jason.novotny at gmail.com
Sun Sep 28 15:00:12 EDT 2014


I apologize if my questions are naive, I'm new  and trying to get started.

Is this current?

I followed step 1:
Download the latest binary release |mondrian-/version/.zip| from 
SourceForge <http://sourceforge.net/projects/mondrian>, and unzip it.

but apparently it is a jar file and not a zip file.

Next, I tried grabbing the code from git and installing by running "ant".

Where is the mondrian.jar file? It didn't appear to get created, and so 
cannot run step #2:
" |java -cp 
      -verbose -tables -data -indexes

I'd be happy to just grab an actual binary with a WAR file since I'm 
interested in evaluation at this point.

What do you suggest?

Thanks, Jason|
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