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Hi, I just went through this process. Here's what I did to make it work for

Ok - bit sketchy but I'll try and be complete:

1) get
2) unpack tomcat to your favorite location (TOMCATHOME)
3) edit TOMCATHOME/conf/tomcat-users.xml. Inside the <tomcat-users> tag

  <role rolename="manager-gui"/>
  <role rolename="manager"/>
  <role rolename="admin"/>
  <user username="admin" password="admin"

(this is probably not required but makes it easier to see if mondrian is
correctly deployed)

4) unpack mondrian.
5) cd into mondrian-
6) make the .sh files executable:

chmod +x *.sh

7) make the war:

ant war

You should now have a lib/mondrian.war

8) copy that mondrian.war to TOMCATHOME/webapps/
9) At this stage, start tomcat (TOMCATHOME/bin/startup.sh) and visit
http://localhost:8080/manager/html (use admin/admin as credentials when

You should see mondrian in the list of webapps and it should be started,
and tomcat should have expanded the war to a mondrian dir inside the
webapps dir (MONDRIANHOME).
You can even visit http://localhost:8080/mondrian/xmlaTest.jsp and see a
basic XML/A tester.

Unfortunately, nothing really works at this point and things get a bit
hairy after this

9a) stop tomcat: TOMCATHOME/bin/shutdown.sh

10) move log4j-1.2.8.jar out of MONDRIANHOME/WEBINF/lib
11) put these jars into MONDRIANHOME/WEBINF/lib:


(find them at all at http://mvnrepository.com/)

12) put your jdbc driver jar into either TOMCATHOME/lib or

(I used with mysql: http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/connector/j/5.1.html)

13) edit MONDRIANHOME/WEBINF/datasources.xml. Change the following tags:

<DataSourceName>FoodMart</DataSourceName> (the xmla tester uses simply
FoodMart, not this unwieldly long string that is in there by default)

<URL>http://localhost:8080/mondrian/xmla</URL> (for some reason, the
default uses a funny port)


(adjust this to fit your jdbc driver, jdbc url, and database credentials)

Modify the <Definition> inside <Catalogs> / <Catalog name="FoodMart"> to


(obviously, modify the absolute path to fit your location of the
Foodmart.xml file)

13a) Edit MONDRIANHOME/WEBINF/web.xml and modify lines 86..101 to read:



      This is an example of how to add a callback to the XML/A servlet.
      It must implement mondrian.xmla.XmlaRequestCallback.


(Only the contents of the <param-value> tag wer changed, adjust to fit your

14) Start tomcat. Goto http://localhost:8080/mondrian/xmlaTest.jsp. The
tests here should now work.

This assumes you got the database started and that you loaded the foodmart
The values above assumes a database "foodmart" exists, the user "foodmart"
has password "foodmart" and has access to that schema.

For MySQL you can get a script here:
this should be run in the context of the foodmart database to populate the

I hope this helps.

On Mon, Sep 29, 2014 at 4:08 PM, Luc Boudreau <lucboudreau at gmail.com> wrote:

> Some folks at ThoughtWorks made a quick-start project to get mondrian
> running over XMLA.
> https://github.com/ThoughtWorksInc/mondrian-xmla-spike
> You might want to take a look at it, fork it locally and tweak as you
> need. Once it's running, you can use XMLA tools like Warehouse Explorer to
> connect to it.
> On Mon, Sep 29, 2014 at 8:52 AM, Matt Campbell <mcampbell at pentaho.com>
> wrote:
>>  The demo .war has not been maintained well.  It used jpivot, which was
>> a fairly clunky web interface.  If your interest is primarily evaluating
>> Mondrian from a web client, I’d recommend downloading a client that bundles
>> Mondrian like Pentaho Analyzer (included in the Pentaho EE trial
>> <http://www.pentaho.com/download>), or Saiku
>> <http://meteorite.bi/saiku/download>.
>> As far and the ant project--  “ant jar” will create the jar.  If you’d
>> like to create the war file to try out XMLA, run “ant war-no-jpivot”.
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>> *Subject:* [Mondrian] difficulty installing demo
>> Hi,
>> I apologize if my questions are naive, I'm new  and trying to get started.
>> Is this current?
>>  http://mondrian.pentaho.com/documentation/installation.php
>> I followed step 1:
>> Download the latest binary release mondrian-*version*.zip from
>> SourceForge <http://sourceforge.net/projects/mondrian>, and unzip it.
>> but apparently it is a jar file and not a zip file.
>> Next, I tried grabbing the code from git and installing by running "ant".
>> Where is the mondrian.jar file? It didn't appear to get created, and so
>> cannot run step #2:
>> " java -cp
>> "/mondrian/lib/mondrian.jar:/mondrian/lib/log4j.jar:/mondrian/lib/commons-logging.jar:/mondrian/lib/eigenbase-xom.jar:/mondrian/lib/eigenbase-resgen.jar:/mondrian/lib/eigenbase-properties.jar:/usr/local/mysql/mysql-connector-java-5.0.5-bin.jar"
>>      mondrian.test.loader.MondrianFoodMartLoader
>>      -verbose -tables -data -indexes
>>      -jdbcDrivers=com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
>>      -inputFile=/mondrian/demo/FoodMartCreateData.sql
>> -outputJdbcURL="jdbc:mysql://localhost/foodmart?user=foodmart&password=foodmart""
>> I'd be happy to just grab an actual binary with a WAR file since I'm
>> interested in evaluation at this point.
>> What do you suggest?
>> Thanks, Jason
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