[Mondrian] Parent-child roll-up/drill-down limitations?

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Alas, my case has a major difference with the one you mention : in FoodMart, all bosses have a salary.
Therefore, they are members on their own.

In my case, some super-categories (i.e. bosses) are not members on their own but should be considered as members because children of theirs are members.

This is the essence of my problem.

Do you concur with my analysis ?

If you want to test with FoodMart in analog conditions, I guess you just need to delete in the DB every salary record related to bosses and see how Mondrian reacts with the roll-ups.

Kind regards

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> Hello Lai,
> After reviewing your followup on StackOverflow, I can guess that you've
> worked around the problem in the end.
> About the specific case, have you tried to compare your schema with the one
> we use for testing? (
> https://github.com/pentaho/mondrian/blob/master/demo/FoodMart.xml )
> In this schema, we use a parent-child relationship to link the employees to
> their boss. We can reliably ask for the sum of all the salaries of a given
> employee and the total does include the salaries of all subordinates, even
> though not all of the members are at the lowest level. I think you will
> only need to tweak a couple columns to get it to work.
> Luc

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