[Mondrian] Geomondrian and mdx correct query

islanis at infomed.sld.cu islanis at infomed.sld.cu
Tue Mar 18 11:17:56 EDT 2014

Hi people, i need a help, i am developing a SDW, but i am geting a lot  
of errors,

the first thing that i want to do is execute a query that shows me the  
geometry column as geojason, but i cant i get the following error

Mondrian Error:More than one function matches signature  
'ST_AsGeoJSON(<Geometry>)'; they are: <String>  
ST_AsGeoJSON(<Geometry>), <String> ST_AsGeoJSON(<Geometry>)

and the second thing that i want once i reolved the above thing is  
represent in a map that geojason, here i send a fisic diagram and my  
xml cube.

thanks to all

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