[Mondrian] Fact table having invalid join key with the dimension table

Mayur Mohite mayur.mohite at vizury.com
Tue Mar 4 11:52:29 EST 2014


We had few issues dealing with rows containing invalid join key in the fact
Our fact table F has rows with invalid join key with dimension "Geo".
When we aggregate the fact table by date dimension on a particular date say
"2014-03-03" and if we choose another dimension say "Geo" and query for all
members of "Geo" (Geo.members) we get aggregated numbers whose total sum
("discarding" Geo members and summing up the returned result) is not equal
to the aggregated numbers when we query mondrian for "2014-03-03" alone
(due to fact table having invalid join key entries with Geo).

After this query if we aggregate the numbers for the date "2014-03-03"
alone, mondrian fetches the result by summing up numbers from the cache
warmed up by the previous query. Due to which the resulting aggregated
numbers are lower than actually present in the DB.

Is it possible to instruct mondrian to not populate the cache for the
queries involving Geo dimension (Fact table has invalid join key of that
dimension) via Schema XML or via mondrian.properties file?

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