[Mondrian] Mondrian 4 as a Pentaho Plugin

Tom Barber(Alabs) tom at analytical-labs.com
Fri Jun 27 06:37:57 EDT 2014

Alright chaps,

I'm trying to crowbar Mondrian 4 into the BI Server Saiku plugin and I 
would like some clarification of a few bits and pieces.

We've shipped our own Mondrian Jar and also done some funky cache 
sharing etc, anyway, I would like to ship Mondrian 4 and unsurprisingly 
its not as simple as just replacing the Jar.

I would like to know

a) is it even possible? I saw Julian's slide suggesting that the 
Mondrian 4 lib should run happily alongside Mondrian 3 as an OSGI module.
b) To bootstrap Mondrian we currently run  Class.forName( 
"mondrian.olap4j.MondrianOlap4jDriver" ); but if have 2 Jars, how does 
is it supposed to know which to bootstrap, or should it load Mondrian 3, 
but Mondrian 4 be automatic or do I have to register the Mondrian 4 jar 
in a different manner?
Either way I get
java.lang.IllegalAccessError: class mondrian.olap4j.MondrianOlap4jExtra 
cannot access its superclass mondrian.xmla.XmlaHandler$XmlaExtraImpl

The first time I try and run Saiku followed by
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class 

The next time, so I need work out how to unclash them if possible.

I tried just straight replacing Mondrian 3 with Mondrian 4 in the 
platform out of curiosity but with that I get a linkage error so that 
test was also a no go.

Anyway, hints or tips please.



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