[Mondrian] Microsoft Excel with Mondrian through MS OLEDB provider for analysis services driver

Will Gorman wgorman at pentaho.com
Thu Jan 23 11:22:30 EST 2014

Hi Lakshmi,

That is great news!  We are working on something similar, so it would be nice if we could collaborate.  We are in the process of adding ADOMD.NET and SSRS support for Mondrian in the master branch.  The work right now is going on in our personal github accounts.

Here is the link to the JIRA case:

Here is a link to a branch of Mondrian with our ADOMD.NET changes:

We've added a couple Mondrian Properties to enable Microsoft compatibility:
*             mondrian.xmla.AlwaysIncludeDefaultSlicer=true
o             always output the default members in the slicer axis for unconstrained dimensions in xmla queries. if not true we get exceptions reading members on adomd client;
*             mondrian.xmla.CustomProviderVersion=10.0.1600.22
o             'spoofs' the ProviderVersion XMLA property to this value; there are fields for which the adomd client will throw a NotSupportedException if the version isn't recognized as supporting them, regardless of the actual value in xmla
o             if set to empty would show the mondrian version

Here is a link to our ADOMD.net test suite, which is a command line C# app that exercises various ADOMD.NET calls:

It would be great to see the changes you made, if you have a github account you can just point us to your fork of Mondrian.

Hope we can share efforts!


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I was working on integrating Microsoft Excel with mondrian through MS OLEDB provider for analysis services driver. I have made some changes in Mondrian 3.5.0 source code. Now Excel is working fine for me with Mondrian through this driver. Please let me know where can I submit these changes.

Thanks & Regards,
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