[Mondrian] Forcing "expr direction NULLS LAST" in order by without rebuild?

Jesús Barrasa jbarrasa at outlook.com
Wed Apr 9 13:11:48 EDT 2014

Thanks! That sounds great but I cannot make it work :(
Is this on 3.6.1 ?
I've been trying to set the dialect to the Oracle one as it seems to use the group by notation that I need.
That's what my connection string looks like:


But I see no difference, still generating the default SQL with the CASE expressions in the ORDER BY.
Am I missing something?



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> Subject: Re: [Mondrian] Forcing "expr direction NULLS LAST" in order by	without rebuild?
> You can pass Dialect=com.example.MyDialect as part of the connect string. Mondrian will ignore its usual process of deducing the dialect from the JDBC database name and use the class you provide. You don’t need to re-compile Mondrian.
> In other words, dialects are pluggable.
> Julian
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