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I’m looking into how we could support Analyzer on Mondrian4.

In Mondrian4, it seems a lot of the olap4j integration code was moved to olap4j-xmlaserver.jar.

Can someone explain the basis for moving this out of core mondrian?

The XMLA server was a large body of code that depended only loosely on Mondrian, but strongly on olap4j. It made sense to make it a separate module, and replace the "back door" with official APIs in olap4j version 2.

Some contributors want to make an XMLA server that spoke to an olap4j data source that is not Mondrian. This makes perfect sense, and now that olap4j-xmlaserver is a separate project it is now possible.

Now the more important issue… There’s some functionality that Analyzer depends on in the below class that is not present in Mondrian 4 now:


XmlaExtra is the "back door" I was referring to. It is one of the goals of the olap4j 2.0 project to get rid of it. (See discussions on that list.)

I don't want to add XmlaExtra back into lagunitas now it has gone. If you really must, you can add it back in a branch off of lagnitas. But better to add the APIs you need into the new olap4j interface.


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