[Mondrian] MonetDB dialect and compatibility

Brandon Jackson usbrandon at gmail.com
Thu Oct 17 03:45:08 EDT 2013

Seeing the recent topcount, NULL LAST question in the mailing list with MonetDB specifically mentioned, I wanted to check back in on the dialect and testing we did in the not too distant past to get the database to pass the full mondrian test suite.  At the time it passed around 98.9% or some really high percentage.

Does anything still need to happen here with respect to the test suite and Mondrian 3 and 4?

What about with the dialect itself?

Should it be more clear somewhere how to apply a dialect to a schema such that working / compatible SQL is generated against MonetDB?

Ultimately I would like to facilitate any lose ends getting tied up and the database itself receiving patches if necessary along that course.  As I remember the road did not appear long.


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