[Mondrian] Concurrency bottleneck in RolapEvaluatorRoot

Pedro Vale pedro.vale at webdetails.pt
Wed Nov 20 12:23:12 EST 2013


Found this comment on RolapEvaluatorRoot while analyzing query performance:


            // This fragment is a concurrency bottleneck, so use a cache of
            // hierarchy usages.
            final HierarchyUsage hierarchyUsage = cube.getFirstUsage(hierarchy);
            if (hierarchyUsage != null) {
                if (defaultMember instanceof RolapMemberBase) {
                ((RolapMemberBase) defaultMember).makeUniqueName(

I was directed to this class because my logs showed that makeUniqueName is being repeatedly called while running the query, even though the member already has its unique name assigned.

Does anyone know why this is a concurrency bottleneck?


Pedro Vale                            	
Webdetails Dev Lead  


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