[Mondrian] Excel & XMLA & Mondrian

Wim G dev at noipex.com
Fri Nov 1 11:49:36 EDT 2013


I am new to this list. My apologies if this is not the right place for 
my question.

I've been using Mondrian (3) for a while now and I am quite happy with 
it. It's powerful, fast, nicely goes on top of my DB without interfering 
with it and it's stable.
I am using it on top of Postgresql and mostly querying it using Excel, 
Jaspersoft ODBO connector and XMLA. I also have some web applications 
that get data out of Mondrian to prepare some dashboards.

Sometimes I bump into something in Excel that doesn't work. To give a 
few examples:
- I can't get my measures organized in folders
- I can't convince Excel that my dates are dates in order to use date 
- I can't add a slicer

The reason I mail the developers mailinglist is to figure out whether 
there is a place where I can see what is supported and what not. For 
example on the FolderList issue I spend quite a number of hours Googling 
and trying things out. I got to the point that I know a FolderList 
property needs to be set. But whatever I try in my schema, Excel doesn't 
pick it up. With debug logging on, I don't even see it being sent to Excel.

So here is the question:
1) What is the best place to get more info on what is supported and what 
is not (I guess http://mondrian.pentaho.com/documentation/ ?)
2) What is the best place to ask questions if my friend Google doesn't 
bring me the answer
3) If something is not supported, would you find it beneficial if I 
improve the code to support it ?

I ask the last question because I noticed that open source doesn't 
always mean that the developers like outsiders meddling with their code :)

Kind Regards,


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