[Mondrian] Mondrian's Master and Release Branches/Tags

Joe Barnett thejoe at gmail.com
Wed May 1 17:34:40 EDT 2013

Mondrian developers,

I had some questions related to the management of the master and release
branches.  From what I can tell, master is used for 3.5 development, and
there's a 3.5 branch with 3.5.x branches attached to it (although 3.5.6-R
isn't actually in that branch?).

However, I can't quite figure out the connection between the master and 3.5
branch.  I'd expect 3.5 to be in master's history, but it seems they've
diverged from each other a rather long time ago, and cherry picking is
what's used to keep 3.5 up to date?  Is that process as manual as it
appears from the outside?

The question I'm actually trying to answer, though, is:
-given a snapshot revision of master, what mondrian release does it

for example:

right now, master is 3.5.6 + everything committed since 6e93b2861a
("Augments the default size of CellBatchSize"), but in 3.5 that commit is
actually 56801db537.  So given the current head revision of ab255ab58c,
it's not apparent to me how to look at the history and say "oh, 3.5.6 was
the most recently released version, and its branch diverges from master at

I've noticed the relatively recent addition of tags & hashes to
RELEASE.txt, but with none of those hashes in the master branch history,
I'm still a little confused on how best to answer my question.  Any

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