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Paul Stoellberger p.stoellberger at gmail.com
Mon Mar 25 13:58:44 EDT 2013

The MondrianCatalogservice is not available in Spoon because we only use plain Mondrian Connections there as far as I know.
I assume you can simply create a RolapConnection / MondrianOlap4jConnection and clear it like that:

//if you have already an mondrian olap4j connection
RolapConnection rcon = olapConnection.unwrap(RolapConnection.class);

// otherwise create new rolapconnection / mondrianolap4jconnection using the same parameters as the mondrian input and then call



On Mar 25, 2013, at 6:51 PM, Kleyson Rios <kleyson.rios at saude.go.gov.br> wrote:

> Hi Luc,
> Thanks for the answer, but I am not an Java expert.
> I've checked javadoc for IMondrianCatalogService but I couldn't figure out how to call a method to clear the cache.
> I've also tried to use the command in the 'User Defined Java Class' step but I got a lot of errors.
> May you help and give me more details in how to clear the cache ?
> Thanks in advance.
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> Em 25/03/2013 11:17, Luc Boudreau escreveu:
>> PentahoSystem.get(IMondrianCatalogService.class,"IMondrianCatalogService", PentahoSessionHolder.getSession());
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