[Mondrian] retrieve currently executing sql queries

Domen Pogacnik domen.pogacnik at tirendo.de
Mon Mar 11 10:09:54 EDT 2013

I know about sql and mdx log, but I would actually like to get the current
state of Mondrian i.e. which queries / mdx statements / tasks are currently
in execution.

To better understand my problem, I often get the following error:

Mondrian Error:The number of concurrent MDX statements which can be
processed simultaneously by this Mondrian server instance has been reached.
Set 'mondrian.rolap.maxQueryThreads' to change the current limit.

All the consequential mdx queries after that error fails to execute (even
if I wait for 300s). I suspect that there are MDX queries which fail to
finish and I would like to see which.


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A simple option is to turn on DEBUG logging in your log4j.xml.  Setting
both mondrian.sql and mondrian.mdx to DEBUG is often useful.

   <category name="mondrian.sql">
      <priority value="DEBUG"/>
      <appender-ref ref="SQLLOG"/>

   <category name="mondrian.mdx">
      <priority value="DEBUG"/>
      <appender-ref ref="MDXLOG"/>
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