[Mondrian] Monitoring Mondrian

Oren Mazor oren.mazor at shopify.com
Sun Mar 3 20:30:23 EST 2013

Hey all,

I built a stack on top of mondrian using pg and rails. I monitor the rails
app using new relic, but once a request goes into mondrian, its a black
hole. what would you recommend for monitoring?

The questions I want to ask is:
 - did this query hit the cache?
 - how much cache got loaded by this query?
 - how long did each step take?
 - what does the jvm look like at this stage?

I feel like editing the mondrian source code to push to newrelic (or
statsd) with custom instrumentation is a step in the wrong direction.

between splunk and a variety of jvm debug tools I have something going, but
I think there's a better way that I dont know about.

thanks for your help!
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