[Mondrian] Fixing the broken SQL

Tom Barber(Alabs) tom at analytical-labs.com
Mon Jun 17 11:19:54 EDT 2013

I've been doing some analysis on Mondrian-1611 basically, depending on 
how you look at it, its either creating a table alias it doesn't need(it 
really doesn't) within chooseAlias() in RolapStar because its already in 
the relation list, I guess because the table is referenced twice within 
the schema the Star analyser is mapping it twice.

Or, if you think it needs the alias because the table is mapped twice, 
its then linking the rest of the query to the wrong from clause, i guess 
cause there are 2 in the list and all the other columns are linking to 
the non aliased

Pointers or suggestions please :)

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