[Mondrian] Conflicts between MDX Queries

Pedro Vale pedro.vale at webdetails.pt
Tue Jun 11 06:23:20 EDT 2013

Adding some more info, the issue we saw some months ago had to do with a query populating the segment cache with int values and the following query expecting to find double values for the same segments - but I think the error log was clear.

There's another issue filed by Cees van Kemenade (and recently solved by Curtis) that could be related - at least the symptoms look similar.

Kleyson, have you tried using the latest mondrian build ?


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A 2013/06/10, às 18:40, Kleyson Rios escreveu:

> Unfortunately I couldn't find the query that makes the another queries 
> to fail.
> I have tried to eliminate one-by-one, but at the same time a query can 
> generate or not another to fail.
> Looks be a relationship n-by-n between the queries where it is 
> impossible isolate the problem.
> So I am using a workaround where is to run first the problematic queries.
> If some modrian developer wish, i can share my dashboard and some data 
> to debug and try to figure out the problem.
> As I said before, Pedro Vale from Webdetais told me that some time they 
> had the same problem.
> If run A, B and C. C fail.
> But If run C, A and B. No query fail.
> Regards.
> Kleyson Rios.
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> Em 07/06/2013 16:28, Kleyson Rios escreveu:
>> After you asked me those question, I've realized that the error happens
>> only when the cache is empty.
>> So, in the first run of the 17 query dashboard I can see the errors, in
>> the 2nd time it run with no errors.
>> I will try figure out which query or queries are causing the problematic
>> one to fail.
>> Regards.
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