[Mondrian] [Olap4j-devel] olap4j-xmlaserver: Initial refactoring of Mondrian's XMLA server into its own project

Michele Rossi michele.rossi at gmail.com
Mon Jun 10 11:01:03 EDT 2013

hi Luc,
sure, a couple of years ago I did part of the work to have the XMLA Servlet
use any Olap4j driver (attached an example web.xml) and I also did some
work with Julian on the connection pooling.

Julian decided that we should use commons-pool to handle the pool of
OlapConnection objects.
I initially opted for a much simpler solution which I committed but later
Julian decided to change it back to the commons-pool stuff.

I found that when the size of the pool reaches the maximum number of
connections configured the thread that attempts to obtain the connection
freezes waiting to obtain a new connection from the pool.

I also found that the connection pool didn't really re-use any existing
connections preferring instead to create new ones for each requests (until
the situation described above occured).

At the time it didn't seem like there was a huge amount of interest on the
XMLA servlet and because I never got any other feedback about it I didn't
attempt to have my changes committed to trunk again.

I am happy to share that code with the community again if you want.

That said, I have not seen the mondrian / xmlaservlet code for a while,
maybe someone has changed things again in the meantime.

Hope this helps.

On 10 June 2013 16:11, Luc Boudreau <lucboudreau at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Thu, Jun 6, 2013 at 5:45 PM, Michele Rossi <m.rossi at iontrading.com>wrote:
>> the connection pooling code that is in there now (based on commons-pool)
>> is totally broken, your XMLA client (Excel 2007?) could get stuck forever
>> waiting to obtain a new OlapConnection connection object
> Michele,
> Can you clarify this statement? That is worrying me a little.
> Luc
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