[Mondrian] Mondrian 4 dialect issue

Tom Barber(Alabs) tom at analytical-labs.com
Wed Jun 5 10:03:45 EDT 2013

Hi Luc, the SQL itself I'd stripped out,

All I'm doing it putting a Level.Member  on Rows and a Measure on the 

And I get:
Caused by: mondrian.olap.MondrianException: Mondrian Error:Failed to 
load segment form SQL
         ... 8 more
Caused by: mondrian.olap.MondrianException: Mondrian Error:Internal 
error: Error while loading segment; sql=[select `LKP_PATH`.`PATH_ID` as 
`c0`, count(`FCT_RESUMEUPLOAD`.`FACT_RESUMEUPLOAD_KEY`) as `m0` from 
`LKP_PATH`.`PATH_ID` = 'hello' group by `LKP_PATH`.`PATH_ID`]

Thats the real SQL generated. I'm using the latest Mondrian 4 + Saiku 
build from our CI, its tagged 4.0.0-SNAPSHOT so I don't know what exact 
Mondrian 4 build it used but it was built 11 hours ago.

mysql  Ver 14.14 Distrib 5.5.31, for Linux (x86_64) using readline 5.1

I was actually trying to debug another issue for a client, but I can't 
even run this query.



On 05/06/13 14:46, Luc Boudreau wrote:
> Where is that SQL generated? Is this a tuple query? This looks like a 
> bug; not a dialect issue.
> Luc
> On Wed, Jun 5, 2013 at 9:09 AM, Tom Barber(Alabs) 
> <tom at analytical-labs.com <mailto:tom at analytical-labs.com>> wrote:
>     Hello Mondrian fans,
>     I'm trying to get a schema running under Mondrian 4 and Mysql and
>     when a
>     query is run its generating SQL like this:
>     select `LKP_PATH`.`PATH_ID` as `c0` from `LKP_PATH` as `LKP_PATH_1`;
>     which MySQL is getting upset over because the table name at the
>     start of
>     the select isn't the aliased table name but the original:
>       select `LKP_PATH_1`.`PATH_ID` as `c0` from `LKP_PATH` as
>     `LKP_PATH_1`;
>     The above is a valid query.
>     Any property I can set to get this working?
>     Thanks
>     Tom
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